Getting used to it!

Hey Everyone,

I know, I know! I made the promise to start commiting myself to my blog and it has yet to officially happen. Ali…you told me it’ll be hard and time consumming..shoulda listened! But I’m gonna keep giving it the go ahead and maybe it’ll become an everyday routine!

Today for breakfast I had this. The hubby and daughter slept in late so I really didn’t feel like making a nice Sunday breakfast all in lonesome. So cereal and Vitatops it was:


  • Bowl of Shredded Wheats
  • 1 % Milk
  • Blue Bran Vita Top
  • (not pictured) – Cup of iced coffee w/ skim coffee and 2 splenda’s

How exciting!!!

I also snacked on my favorite snack combo – Wheat Thin Toasts and Roasted Pine Nuts Hummus…Mmmmm! It truly made my day. This combo is to die for! Crunchy toast and creamy hummus!! LOVE IT!


Off to do a massive load of laundry! I’ll post dinner when we get back. Still not sure what were having..Any ideas?


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