My love/hate relationship.

So I have taken a number of Zumba classes between 2 different local YMCA’s that I tend to visit. The first one I took was over a year ago when Zumba was just hitting the scene. Let’s just say…I HATED IT! I think the instructor was really new to it as well and all the steps were slow and steady. I may be a big girl but I have to sweat when it comes to a workout or I feel like it was an epic fail! 

I then took another class a couple of months ago and loved it! The ladies were hip and their moves were fast-paced and had my heart rate pumping!! But for som reason my love for actually attending this class was half there. 

Lastly, I tried the class last week at the gym closer to where I live. LOVE IT! Let’s just say that the class is rocking! Everyone is so into it and the mix of folks is amazing. They even had to move the class to the auditorium because the other room was too small. There must be at least 60 people in this class..easily! And not to mention the instructor in this class is caliente and is great in class! 

Looks like I’ll be sticking this one out! 



Question: Anyone else have mixed experiences with Zumba?


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