CardioKick kicks my a**…literally!

Good morning everyone!

I’ve been taking a Cardiokick class at my local YMCA for over 2 years now off an on. The instructor is a strong, tough, and smart-a** (I’m saying a**  a lot in this, certified black belt karate instructor. I love him!! Although he can be tough, he always takes the time to appreciate those in his class and actually focuses on helping you reach your goal. For instance, my sister and I told him that we are both trying to lose weight and my sister specifically told him she wanted to be bikini ready for the summer. He has been on our a** every class since then! The class is a full hour and we easily burn 800-1000 calories per class. Think high-intensity kicking, punching, jumping, squatting, running, and  some abs at the end. Wow! Just writing that got my heart-rate going!

Needless to say, this is my go to class for a major workout! If they offer it close to you I suggest giving it a try. It’s not easy…but once you are dedicated to it your body begins to accept the challenge.

What is your favorite go to class for a major workout??

P.S. Just wanted to send my condolences to my buddy Ali from! So sorry about your fur-sister Scarlett but glad she’s in a better place – pain-free! Your post had me crying at work! My thoughts and prayers to your parents too!


5 thoughts on “CardioKick kicks my a**…literally!

  1. Hey Hey Hey girl!!

    Congratulations on your journey and your new lifestyle!! I am right there with you.. :> I had a tough start at first but once we got into the swing of things and set up a routine.. there was no stopping us!! LOL Me and my gym buddy go 3-4 times a week to WOW and the classes there are pretty good too.. we’ve mastered which ones are INTENSE and which ones are OK… these are my suggestions if you ever want to visit. Just let me know.. 🙂

    Mondays 5:30 total body w/ Kathleen
    Wednesdays 5:30 total body w/ Carol (sick class… u have to try it)
    Thursday 5:30 kickboxing w/Craig… all i have to say is WHOA!! His classes always motivates me.
    Saturday morning 9am kickboxing w/ jenn OMG much needed class…

    CONGRATS again mama!!

    • Neuza!!! That’s amazing hun! Sounds like you guys are doing the d*mn thing!! LOL. It truly is motivating once you get in the groove of things. I’ve been going at it since we first talked about it on FB. Since then I’ve lost 22 lbs!!!!! Motivated, I’m telling you!

      I would LOVE to join you ladies at a class! Will they give me a trial class or do you know how much it is for a class! Keep me posted and I will hit you up to go!

      Thanks again hun! Keep at it! We’re well on our way!

  2. Hey Lisa congrats on restarting your blog. Since we r both on the healthy new lifestyle I’m ecstatic to have u by my side! YES cardio kickboxing at the Y is a great kick a** workout! JJ is an amazing instructed and truly cares about his “students” I’m so lucky I can call him when I need that extra push or when I know I’m struggling with a certain move he comes to help. FYI come join Lisa and I @ JJs class…YMCA Brockton. let’s hope I can get into that bikini…I know it will take lots of hard work! GOOOO AWAY BELLY! Congrats Sis I’m very proud of u! I’m always here for u!

  3. Thanks John!! Keep checking back often. Soon you might even see my review on my first 5k!!!!!

    Thanks sis! JJ is the man! You’ve done amazing and inspire me to be successfull too!! Love ya!

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