My review on Food, Inc.

Last night, my sister came over to my place and brought a couple of movies for us to choose from.  After much debate (with the hubby I might add), we decided to watch Food, Inc.  I’ve heard a lot about this documentary and was eager to finally see what all the hype was about. Not that I didn’t think it had great information, but I thought it would possibly relay much of the information that we’ve been hearing for some time now about processed food.

Boy was I wrong! I like the approach that the directors took in this film. Hence the name, the documentary pertained to all that relates to the food that we eat; growing/breeding, distribution, the business side, etc. This is where I learned so much about the food that my family and I purchase and how high the demands are.

I won’t go too much into it as I know some of you might want to see it, but it is truly sad to see what our food has become what it is today. It is even more sad that farmers are prohibited to do what they do best, produce GOOD, WHOLESOME, FOOD!

I would highly recommend that you pick this one up! It is so important for us to understand where our food comes from and how it is treated before we serve it to our families.

Here are some links to support healthy eating:


6 thoughts on “My review on Food, Inc.

  1. I have heard nothing but good things about Food Inc from bloggers. I personally loved the movie too! I was surprised (in a good way) that it didn’t have an opinionated approach. It just stated facts and had you form your own opinion. The only thing I wished it would have given more info on was where your produce and dairy come from!

    Glad to have found your blog girl! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

    • Hey Kristen! Thanks for checking it out and leaving a comment. I couldn’t agree more with what you had to say! I was skeptical at first but so glad I took the time to watch it. I will definetly implement some of their simple changes ASAP!

      Thanks again!

      P.S. Going to check out your blog now!

  2. Hey Lisa! Great blog! I also saw this a few months ago and OMG how I look at food differently. I’ve always been a huge believer in Organics and fresh foods, but the part about poultry and how it is produced here really disgusted me. Makes me want to have my own farm, grow my own food, and go vegan! lol

    • Thanks Sandra! And you are so right. I even researched some local farms to see if I could buy from them instead. That’s how disturbed I was. Hopefully people will support the whole/organic food wave more and we can do without all this processed junk! Thanks for checking it out.

      Lisa 🙂

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