Not a Happy Camper!!

So much has put a damper on my day today. It all started with my weigh-in yesterday. The lady at the counter says in the sweetest, motherly, caring voice, “Your up a tiny bit…just .8”.

WHAT??? How can this be??!?!?

You see …I put in work this week! I went to the gym 5 days last week. That consisted of 3 CardioKick classes (you remember, the ones that kick my A**), running, and weight training! How could I possibly be up??

But, let’s back track…

Monday through Friday I tracked and ate pretty well. That is until Sunday rolled around. It was my mother-in-law’s bday and we celebrated with Breakfast at a restuarant. I had a pretty big Sante Fe omelet w/ wheat toast and homefries. I know, not the best option. But I was sure my day would get better and I would make great choices.

That is until…the hubby suggests Chinese Food for dinner!!! Everyone agreed to that…and my heart rate just couldn’t stop racing on what decisions I would make. To say the least, I didn’t make the best decisions. But I was certain my workouts would counter-act all of this food!

Apparently I was wrong. Yes, it could’ve been a lot worse. And like the lady said, it was only +.8 lbs. So this week is a different week and I am focused on seeing better results. It’s so important to remember both components of weight loss.  Healthy Eating+Daily Activities=SUCCESS!!

Does anyone else struggle with “good” choices when it comes to eating out. Especially on the weekends??


2 thoughts on “Not a Happy Camper!!

  1. Good choices when eating out is a bit of a oxymoron? I think that is the correct term. So many places have so many unhealthy things to eat. You sound like you are really doing well though . Just being conscience of the decisions you are making is a major step in the right direction. I think hubby has to be more supportive though. No more suggesting Chinese food.

  2. Thanks John! Although at the end of it all I think it has to come down to the willpower that I have to succumb to the “bad choices”. Nothing wrong with splurging once in a while but it sucks when my intentions were otherwise.

    P.S. Signing up for a 5K in the Spring after I complete the couch25k program. You should run with me!!!!

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