New Food Lover?!?

I love the month of April! Not only is my birthday in April (the 23rd for those of you who are considering purchasing a gift…lol), but also because the weather typically gets better, the days are longer and brighter, and did I mention it’s the month of my birthday ūüėČ

So I thought I would take the time to really describe to you what I hope my intentions of this blog will be.¬† I’m sure you can already tell that much of it has to do with weight loss and that is very true. But in order to achieve weight loss, there are some other important factors that must come into play!¬† I was fortunate enough to lose 30 lbs before I got pregnant with my daughter. But after having a baby and making poor decisions with eating/exercising, I gained all of that (plus some more) back!

I am hoping that with the help of this blog, research, informational materials,¬†and the Food Blog world, I can truly start to understand the need my body has when it comes to food.¬† I know there are some people out there that simply eat to “fuel their body”. Although I think that’s a great discipline to have, I just love food toooooo much to not enjoy it. But with that comes moderation, planning, understanding each ingredient, and then enjoying it!

Am I a New Food Lover? Absolutely!¬† I think yesterday’s post can be a testament to that. I tried two new meals that I know are good for my body and will continue trying new ingredients, spices, herbs, grains, etc.

By the way, I made an amazing bowl of Whipped Banana Oatmeal that I saw on Kath’s blog Kath Eats Real Food.¬† Um, yea, AMAZING!!!!!¬† I will post a pic¬†of it later¬†because I forgot my card reader at home.¬† Even the lil’ one enjoyed it!

Til later!


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