I’m baaccccckkkk!

Hey Guys!!

HAPPY MONDAY! Glad to be back since I’ve been MIA since Friday. I know, I know…BAD BLOGGER! But I’m back and excited to start a new week.

My weekend was SUPER-PACKED!  It was my God-Daughter’s 3rd birthday party on Saturday and given the beautiful weather in Brockton (70+), a cookout was definitely in order!  Cookouts are my absolute favorite. I love the grilled meats, salads, and overload of carbs. I was in charge of making potato salad and tried my hardest to make it as calorie friendly as possible.  After eating too much, enjoying some cake, and letting my lil’ one run around for a few hours, it was definitely time to head home.

Sunday was another fabulous day enjoyed with our amazing family and friends. We started our day at my aunt’s house were they had a beautiful brunch spread (pictures would have been great right now but guess who forgot to take any!). I’ll get better at this, I promise!  The weather was perfect again! After eating, mingling with family, and eating some more, we moved on to the next location. MY MOMMY’S HOUSE!

My mom decided last-minute to have a cookout at the house. I made an egg-salad (not calorie friendly!) and had some grilled chicken, mixed greens, and rice! Yum, Yum, Yummy!!!

And here we are! Monday. For those of you that don’t know Monday is my weigh-in day for Weight Watchers.  Since I knew I had some much-needed calories to burn off, I got up early and headed to the gym, came home, showered, got dressed and headed to my meeting.

Here’s is what hubby tells me on the way in:

Lisa, we have to talk. I know sometimes you gain a little bit and you get all upset, but remember that you’re doing good and the most important thing is that your maintaining.

How sweet! He knows that I get upset sometimes when the results aren’t what I would want to see.  My biggest supporter! Love him!

But to everyone’s dismay – I LOST 2.6 LBS!!! How exciting. I guess that early morning workout session helped out a bit!

Super excited.

I will be posting some dinner pics later! See you all then!


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