Sweet Ending!

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was a pretty productive day in my books! Can you believe that is was 89 degrees in Boston/Brockton!  Talk about a summer heat wave. But, lo and behold, it wouldn’t be New England if we weren’t right back down to 60 this morning! I’ll talk it!

After work, I made it a mission to spend as much time to be outside as possible! So immediately after work, the hubby and I picked up our little one from daycare, spent some time with her outside and then prepped for an outdoor run!! Yippie! I was a little nervous that it would be too hot for a run, but by the time we met up with my sister, the heat was dying down and it was perfect!

Pre-Run Stretch:

I ran this same path which is 2.2 miles a couple of weeks ago and was ecstatic with my time. I completed he 2.2 miles in 26 minutes. That might seem like a lot to you avid runners, but this same path last year I could hardly complete walking nevermind running!!

This time around, I completed the 2.2 miles in…(drumroll please!). 25 minutes!!! New PR! Might not be much but I’ll take all that I can at this point 🙂 I look forward to continuing this path now that we have nice weather and seeing how far I can push myself.  Stay tuned for more PR’s soon!!!!

Post Run Pics:

My sis re-hydrating after our 2 miles!

Me and my running partner!!

After running, we figured it was way to nice to just go home!  It only took one person to give the ok to ice cream and we were on our way to Dairy Queen!! Yum, Yum, Yum!!!

Sorry, this thing had no chance! Hence the picture of the cup only cause I devoured the blizzard in no time! I tried a new flavor (turtle) and wasn’t thrilled by it. But on a hot day like today, any ice cream would do.

Sweet ending to a beautiful day!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Ending!

  1. Hey Lisa, I am loving the blogs… I take the time to read them to keep up with your daily activities! I know I live close, but I plan on stopping by soon! Yesterday I spent my entire day at South Boston. It’s a great place to run as well including the ocean breeze is also a plus! I’m glad to see you and Lili’s devotion to staying healthy and fit! I love you girls!!!!!!!! Give the family my love! I’m patiently waiting for today’s blog to see how ur day was;-)

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