Whipped Banana Oatmeal…how I heart thee!

Hey Everyone,

Some of you may recall the day that I did my review on Whipped Banana Oatmeal but didn’t have a picture to post. Well…wait no more. Check this yummy baby out:

Yummy Whipped Banana Oatmeal!

I added some Chocolate Dream PB, crushed walnuts, and chopped banana’s. Holy Yum!! This was to die for. I think it even came out better than the first.

And look at who else was tryna get her lil’ hands in my oatmeal…

My lil' oatmeal snatcher!

Just kidding! Mommy shared and she loved it just as much as I did!

Yesterday I was reading the new Weight Watchers magazine right before going to my cardio-kick class and read something that caught my attention.  The article was referring to getting the best out of your group exercises.  They suggested that you stay in the front of the classroom so that you are more likely to perform better if your peers are watching you.  JJ (the instructor) has a jam-packed class. His rule is that new-comers stay in the back of the class, learn, improve, and then make their way up to the front.  I’ve been with this class for well over 2 years now (off and on) and made my way up to the front only once….until yesterday of course!

After taking the advice for the WW magazine. Class started and I was in Row 2. Ironically, the front row to the right was empty and I felt that it was my calling! I made my way to the front and that’s where I stayed. Honestly, it made all the difference! I definitely put in more effort and pushed myself beyond what I normally do.  I felt intimidated at first because the other girls in the front row are skinny mini’s, but I managed to stick it out and for the most part, stayed right on their a** 🙂

And it was all worth it. Today I feel super-sore and I love that feeling. Thanks for the idea WW! Will definitely put this in action again.

Do you all like feeling the soreness after a workout??

P.S. Morgan from Healthy Happy Place has a giveaway for Vita Tops!! If you’ve had them you know how good they are and if not, you need to try and win these!!!! Yummy!


5 thoughts on “Whipped Banana Oatmeal…how I heart thee!

  1. Mmmmm Lisa that looks sooo good. I love anything with bananas!!

    p.s Ill give u my smoothie recipe…tastes great and healthy!

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