Exciting News!!!!!

Good Morning Everyone!!

I have some very exciting news to share! But first, let’s back up to this wonderful weekend we had!

Friday my hubby and I had a date night! It was rainy and gloomy out so you know what that means…MOVIE! The hubby has been raving about Hot Tub Time Machine. He loves the silly, comedy movies. His favorite actors is Will Ferrell and Steve Carrell…you can imagine the type of movies I have to watch! But I’ve actually come to like these type of comedy’s as well. The movie was pretty good! It was a mix between Hangover and Back to the Future. Some parts dragged a little but we laughed through most of it. Movie Night = Success!

Saturday morning started with this:

Overnight Oatmeal!

A big ol bowl of Overnight Oats! I tried it again cold but just couldn’t come to it.  So, a couple of seconds in the microwave did the trick. So yummy!!!! I added crushed walnuts, PB Chocolate Dreams, and a dash of cinnamon to it! Mmmm!!!

We spent much of the early afternoon hanging with the little one at my mom’s house.  The lil’ one loves going over there because her older cousin (all of 3 months older) Max is always there to play with.  I love that my sister and I have kids that are so close in age! They will have an awesome time growing up together.

Here’s the cousins:

Grandpa and the Kids!

 And that’s grandpa in the middle (my dad!). Where ever the kids are, you are sure to find grandpa!

Later on at night we headed to a friend’s birthday party. It was a great time. Maybe a little too great! There was great food, great people, and great music!  I didn’t take pics because no one there knows I have a blog (yet!) and didn’t feel like explaining all night long! But there were some of my favorite Cape Verdean foods there.  Including:

Bacalhau – Salted cod that is shredded and mixed with chick peas, onions, and potatoes! Yum!!

Pastel – This is an appetizer of a pastry shell filled with a sautéed tuna inside. Super Yum!

Arroz con Morisco – Rice with Seafood. Mmmm!!

These are just some of the traditional food that you will find at a typical Cape Verdean Party.

We stayed until well passed our bed time (3AM!!!). We haven’t partied so late since wayyy before the lil’ one came along. But again, it was a great time.

So, without further a due!!! The exciting news is…


I am so excited it’s beyond belief! I will be running the:

5k Race

 The New Charles River Run is a reincarnation of the famed “Charles River Run” that took place from the mid 1970’s until 1995 from Daley Field
on Nonantum Road in Brighton, Massachusetts.

I’ve been thinking about training and running for a 5k for so long. But I knew that the training would never officially start until I had something to look forward to. So, I did it!  I looked up some races in the time that it would take me to complete training and decided to go with this one!  I keep going back to the website because I am so excited that I actually registered.

My sis will be running with me so that’ll make it even more fun!

Can’t wait!


6 thoughts on “Exciting News!!!!!

  1. GO LISA !!! WAHOOO. I’m super excited for you! Told you from the start, I’m your biggest fan. When is this race? You better believe I WILL be on the sidelines cheering you onnnnn!!

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