Looks like Spring…Feels like Christmas!

Hey Peeps!

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous and the trees are blooming all over my town! It’s always a great feeling to be able to see leaves and flowers coming in. It officially makes it feel like Spring and also is my que that my bday is not far away. The countdown begins today!! 10 DAYS TIL’ MY 26TH BIRTHDAY!

But yesterday also felt like Christmas to me. Why you ask? We’ll I walk into my apartment complex with the front desk receptionist baring gifts!!! She said “Hi Lisa, you have a package”. Me? Package?? Oh how I heart surprises!!!

As I tore the box apart my face was beaming with a smile when I found this inside:

Amazing Grass Folks – YOU GUYS ROCK!! Thank you for sending over such a great array of samples. I can’t wait to dig into it all.  And readers, check back often to get my reviews on the product.

As if that wasn’t enough!  I headed to the gym last night to start my C25K training.  I have to say that I can truly see and feel a difference! Last summer, my sister and I started this training and I could barely get through half of the firsts days training. Yesterday, the 20 minutes was pretty easy and I could have easily gone on for another 10-15 minutes.  I love the feeling of results! 

While I’m jamming to my iPod and getting my running on my trainer from CardioKick JJ stands on the treadmill next to me.  My sis and I have been raving to him about how much we love the new playlist for class and how great it would be to have a copy for running (hint, hint!).  So what does he have with him?!?  Two copies of the playlist for us! How sweet JJ!!! He has no idea how helpful this playlist will be to my 5k training! I am truly motivated by music and can’t wait to get my groove on to all these new tracks!

THANKS JJ & Annetta!!!!

I have an exciting new recipe I will be trying for dinner. Check back later 🙂


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