PopChips Rock!!!

There is truly nothing more exciting then walking to your door and being greeted by…BOXES!!!!! More surprises! I love this!!

After getting inside and tearing the boxes apart, I was excited to see that the packages were from…

POPCHIPS!!!!! You guys rock! They sent me so many great things and can’t wait to get it popping (pun intended!) with PopChips!!!

Check out the cute terms and conditions that all snackers‘ must take!

Thanks PopChips!!!

Holy Chips!!! I am so going to have fun pairing these up with my sandwiches!!! They sent me that second box to share with my Weight Watchers class. HOW NICE!!! And yes, I’m sure the hubby, lil’ one, and my sister will make me share!

**Anyone want to try some PopChips of their own?? Yup, you guessed right! It’s FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD’s 1st GIVEAWAY!!

Simply leave me a comment on what flavor you are most excited to try. And, if you have a blog of your own, boost your chances by linking th giveaway to your own page!!

If selected you WIN this:

This book is full of great coupons including free, buy 1 get 1 free, and $$ off of all the wonderfullness of POPCHIPS!!!!

I’ll end this now so you all can start on the comments. Don’t make me look stupid…lol. COMMENT PEOPLE!!! Selection will be made on Sunday!!!


6 thoughts on “PopChips Rock!!!

  1. Popchips are my favorite!!! I love the original and bbq and am waiting to try sour cream onion when it comes to a store near me!!

  2. I saw your post about a popchips giveaway and I’d love to give them a try. I’d probably like the salt and vinegar best…I’m OBSESSED with vinegar

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