Breakfast for Dinner…and the winner is???

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for being MIA all weekend but the lil one has been super sick! Ear infections stink!

We had planned on having a great Sunday breakfast, just us. But that quickly changed as most of our Sunday was all about tending to the lil one.  So, tonight I totally forgot to take something out of the freezer and so I thought, why not Breakfast for Dinner! My husband (the egg-lover) was totally okay with this idea.

And boy was it yummy…

The pancakes were a new try for us. It was the FiberOne mix. I have to say that I was highly impressed with this mix. It was extra fluffy and moist. I did add some vanilla extract and cinnamon just to enhance the flavor a bit.

I did have another slight fail with the eggs.  I tried to make something like a frittata with egg whites (carton kind) but it came out really rubbery. I guess these types of egg whites aren’t best to use in the oven?!?

We also had some fruit salad and some Turkey Breakfast Sausage! Great way to end the long weekend.

Can you believe that I was home all day, mostly cleaning, and totally forgot to tune into the marathon????!!!!??? In all the years that I can remember, I’ve at least caught a glimpse of the Marathon. But not today 😦 I guess highlights on the news tonight will have to do.

Oh, and did you all hear that The Ellen Show was in Brighton today!!!?? She had a twitter contest going asking folks to show up to a Brighton CVS with three creative things that begin with the letters C.V. & S. Supposedly it was her biggest twitter competition thus far! Prize worth thousands. Wish I was close enough to make my way over!!

And yes, I randomly selected a winner for the PopChips giveaway and the winner is…………(DRUMROLL PLEASE)……………SUSAN!!! 

CONGRATULATIONS SUSAN!!!!! I will be sending you an email soon. Keep a look out for your package!!!


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