In honor of Earth Day (and my wallet!)



 Earth Day can never go unrecognized with me simply because it is a day before my birthday!  But every year, when I think about Earth Day, it brings me back to grade school when we would go outside to plant something and the green recycling bins that would appear a couple of months beforehand.

Yesterday, I thought to myself what was one thing that I could do to make a difference when it came to re-using in specifics! And easily, I thought of my daily trip to Dunkin Donuts. Almost everyday, I stop in at Dunkin Donuts and purchase my Medium Iced Coffee. The hubby is never pleased with me on this decision and even this morning said to me

“Do the math for a whole year and see how much money you would save!”

To answer that question – $850.45!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, you read right. My coffee which costs me a measly $2.33 a day, adds up to $850.45 a year!!!!  So not only was I making a choice on helping the Earth by re-using, but I was also helping my wallet by not buying!!!

And to help with both of this, I bought….

Fill, Drink, Wash, Repeat – The classic To Go Cup becomes a reusable everyday cup. – (source: Copco website)

I actually saw this in the Bed, Bath, and Beyond ad and knew I had to have it! I made a batch of my own DD coffee this morning and it was just as good as my usual. Here’s to the Earth and my wallet!!!

Along with my coffee this morning, I had a wonderful Green Monster!

I was finally able to try my samples of the Green Super Food powder. This morning I tried the Goji and Acai flavored one and although it did enhance the flavor, it left it with a gritty texture that I wasn’t to happy with 😦  But, I must say that it kept me fully satisfied way beyond my usual lunch time!

Planning on making some Blue Cheese Burgers for dinner since it is a perfect day for grilling! Check back later! Go out and do something for the Earth!!


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