She’s baaaaccckkk!

Hey Peeps,

Yup! I know, I know! My name should just be changed to Mrs. M.I.A. But with life’s changes comes uncertainty. And Lord knows a lot has been uncertain for me these past couple of weeks! There’s just been a lot on my plate (pun intended!). But, I’ve managed to keep at the things that are most important right now (not that my blog isn’t important!!).

Since the last we spoke tons has happened! I think you all had heard about my 5k that I registered for that is on June 27th (Hubby’s bday!!). Well, in addition to that one, I decided to take part on the Weight Watchers 5k Walk-It-Challenge! My wonderful leader Tanya decided to put together a couple of races for some of her members to attend. Once I heard about it, I knew I had to take part! And I figured I could even use this as preparation for my race on the 27th.

So, June 6th was the date.  The day came and I never thought I would be so nervous!!! The hubby aka my supporter, photographer, cheerleader, and water fetcher was amazing. He knew all the right things to say to me to calm my nerves. LOVE YOU BABE! And then I realized that I wanted to simply use this race as practice and pace myself to just finish!

The race was held in Dorchester. I grew up in Dorchester and was very familiar to the area but definitely do not remember the streets being so HILLY! So, I took my advice.  I did power walk a couple of times to catch my breath but once I took the loop around for the second half of the 5k, something came over me and I bolted! My official time was 37:04 minutes!!!!!!! I couldn’t have been more happier! I had only practiced for the race a total of 3 times and never managed to get my time under 40 minutes. I was thrilled and knew this would prep me for my June 27th race.

Here are some pictures highlighting my VERY FIRST 5K!!! (click to enlarge image)


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