One of those days!

Today has just been one of those days! Hubby and I packed a majority of the day. Why you may ask? No,no vacation for us. We are moving 😦 Due to my job situation, we are trying to make the best decision that will hopefully help out our finances a bit. At around 1, I had to get ready for the exciting part of my day.  After weighing out options for what I will be doing since I will be unemployed, I know going back to school for my Master’s was a big one. So, I recently completed my application and submitted all paperwork for Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass. And today, I went to meet with Faculty of the program that I am interested in (School Counseling). Every time I visit the school I get more and more excited to attend. Cross your fingers and say a prayer for me. This would mean so much to me!!!

On my way home, right before I hit bumper to bumper traffic, I was pulled over!! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! I needed to get into the left lane and did so abruptly. Of course it happened to be a State Police Officer behind me. Great! As soon as he pulled me over, he says “Lisa, bad news!”. He asked for my license and registration and says that my registration is revoked due to non-insurance. WHAT?!?!? We recently got new insurance and that obviously must have caused some sort of glitch in the system. After waiting all of 30 minutes, he comes over, apologizes, and a big ol’ tow truck appears out of no where! Yup, you got it, my car was towed away! Not the best way to end my day!

So, with all that said and all of the emotions rising, I made my way over to a Pizza shop to wait for my sis to pick me up. I was super hungry and ordered a grilled chicken salad (which was blah!)

Grilled chicken salad


Cheese Pizza

a slice of cheese pizza!

TOTAL EMOTIONAL EATING..and I should’ve known better. And on top of that, I didn’t even make it to the gym.

Oh well, fresh start tomorrow! Wish me luck on getting my car back 😉


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