Sweaty pics and major updates!!

Hey everyone,

So sorry that I’ve been MIA but life has taken over the best of me. Since the last we spoke (almost 2 months ago) my life has been in a world wind! Let’s try and back u a bit…

The last post I spoke of was about me visiting Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass for a Master’s Program. Since then I am happy to report that… I GOT ACCEPTED!

So exciting! This was great news to hear especially after being laid off of work. So starting August 30th, I will be starting my Master’s program in a Clinical Mental Health Program. By the end, I hope to get my Master’s and move on to be a School Adjustment Counselor with kids in grades 5-12.From there, the news just kept on coming!!!

Another major update is that…I HAD MY BREAST REDUCTION! Can you believe it?? I actually had it done and it was the best decision of my life! I contemplated putting it off until I lost more weight but the more weight I lost, the more my back ached due to the size of my breast.  The process was extremely easy for me and I knew that this was my sign to have the surgery done. I will do a post more specific to my breast reduction a little later, but until then, here is a before picture (44E’s!!!)

And now I am happy to report that I am at a 38D. Couldn’t be happier! I have yet to take any after pics as I am still healing a bit. But once I get into a regular bra, I will be sure to post an after.

On some not so happy news! A week or so before my scheduled breast reduction, my mom was found with a tumor in her uterus. She was later scheduled for a prompt surgery to have the tumor removed. Ovarian cancer is prominent in my family, specifically my mom’s side. So we wanted to do everything in our power to be as preventative as possible. She had the surgery a week after mines and is doing very well. We did get word that they did find cancerous cells in her right ovary and would need to have a second surgery! Not what we were hoping to hear. But, we are hopeful that things will turn out okay and that we will fight this cancer until it no longer exists. My mom is an extremely strong woman who has endured so much in her 57 years of life! I know she’ll pull through this one too with the help of GOD! Please say a prayer for her.


And also, since the last time I posted, I am happy to report that I am down an additional 10 lbs!!! With the help of my breast reduction of course. The last time I was at this weight was at the age of 17!! How crazy is that!!!!!!!! Check out my picture of me being all sweaty at the gym @ Prior Fat Girl. Thanks Jen for posting my pic!!! LOVE IT!

Look forward to more food posts and some post pics of my surgery!

So Happy to be back 🙂


One thought on “Sweaty pics and major updates!!

  1. Hi Lisa.

    I just stumbled accross your blog and I’m inspired already.

    Congratulations on your acceptance into your program and on the breast reduction.

    Looking forward to reading more on your blog.

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