Before and After!

Hey Everyone,

I left off with the last post saying that I was going to re-commit and head to my first WW meeting in more than a month or so.  I was really hesitant in going because I was certain I had gained some weight. The night before I had even told my hubby that I think I gained because I had done zero form of exercise other than playing Wii the night before for my father-in-law’s birthday get-together.

I reluctantly went into my meeting location, and stepped on the scale. My heart was racing as I waited for the receptionist to tell me – “You gained a little bit”.  And lo and behold – my fears were put to rest when she told me “You’re down 1.4 lbs”. WHAT?!? Seriously?? Did she really just say that!

I took a second to think back on the month that I had been away. And although I did very little when it came to exercising, I was very persistent on making the right food choices for the most part! And that in turn shows me that I really needed to shift gears when it comes to this weight loss journey. For whatever reason, I have always thought that the more exercise you do, the more chances you will have at having a successful weight loss journey.  But, as I’ve been told before so many time by my leader; making the right food choices and fueling your body with what it needs is the most important step in this journey, then comes the exercise.

I am hoping that as I try to rethink this process and get myself used to the fact of eating well and eating REAL FOOD, hopefully the numbers will start to steadily drop!

Another thing that I struggle with at times is being able to see the distance I’ve come thus far. To date, I have lost a total of 34 lbs. I certainly feel that I don’t give myself credit for these 34 lbs. Then I stumbled across a before and after picture that I did a while back and realized that I certainly have come a long way:

Before & After

I hope to continue to make the right choices on this journey and will keep you all posted on things to come!

P.S. As an update, since I’ve been gone FOREVER. I wanted to let you all know that my mother is now Cancer-Free! She was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and had a hysterectomy to hopefully remove all of the cancer. She had an amazing surgeon and with his help and the help of God, and of course my mom’s great strength, she is now cancer-free!



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