Meatless Days!!

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since my last post but thought if there was anytime that I should be writing about my weight loss experience, it’s NOW!

Since the last I was here a few great things have occurred. I am currently the lowest I have been since maybe my first year of high school! It’s amazing to think that and also sort of sad at the same time. To think that I was a young teen and weighed more than anyone should at that age is sad for me! Wish I had the guidance and will-power that I have now, then!

Any who, some of you may know that I’ve dabbled with the idea of giving up meat for some time. And I actually very rarely eat red meat (I have a burger here and there).  As you all know, yesterday was Ash Wednesday for the Catholic community and for Lent I will be giving up…you guessed it..MEAT! Not just red meat…ALL MEAT! Say goodbye to steak, chicken, and pork!  I am actually really excited about this! I know it’ll be a challenge but I am hoping that I will be able to make a lifestyle change out of this! We will see?!?

And I know often times when people thing of meals with no meat they think this:


or this:


But I am looking forward to meals more like this: (!!!!)


Look forward to daily posts of my eats! I’m going to try to keep it very interesting for you all!!